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fleche titre actualité   AIR SIGHT OF THE FOCUS INDUSTRIE FACTORY 04.08.06

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fleche titre actualité   NEW SURFACE TREATMENT FOR FIRE PRODUCTS 25.01.06

- Gives significantly bettter resistance to corrosion than non-treated stainless steel.

- Better flow of spayed fluids thanks to improvement of the surface state.

- Excellent bacteriological qualities are therefore obtained on the surface.

- Chrome finish improves the look of the sprayer.

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"ELECTROLYTIC POLISHING" is a surface treatment adapted to austenitic AISI 316L and AISI 304L type stainless steels. It offers many advantages:

- Maximal resistance to corrosion obtained by optimising the superficial layer of chrome oxide. This optimised layer is therefore 30 to 100 times thicker than the original layer.

- Improvement in the surface state, thanks to chemical micro-deburring, giving a result of complete smoothing of rough spots.

- Maximum hygenic and bacteriological and purity of the surface is therefore obtained (impossible for moss to grow).Chrome coloured, elecrolytic polishing is recommended for use in areas such as food, pharmaceuticals, the chemicals industry, as well as in industrial applications using powders.

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fleche titre actualité   ARMOUR PLATING FOR LANDING DOOR 01.01.06

Very specific technical specifications that can undoubtedly be applied in the armour plating field, in particular when there are hardness constraints associated with reduced thickness.

Specifications for stainless steel sheeting with integral thermal treatment:
Material: Stainless steel aisi 420, Hardness: 45-50 HRC or 170 kg/mm2 (traditional stainless steel = 50/60 kg/mm2), Maximal dimensions: 1500 mm x 3500 mm , Quality of finish: rough for non-visible interior sheeting and brushed stainless steel appearance for visible exterior sheeting, Cut according to sizing plans.