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Protom® water sprinkler test with GESIP vertical axis

60° conical head sprayer in vertical axis position in water test

Keaos ® double-head CO2 diffuser system

Video, nightclub or events co2 system with keaos ® diffusers with powerful special effects and guaranteed cooling effect

Conical head 60° SPRAYER - 25 l/mn at 3.5 bars - Ø 5 mm - vertical axis position

Pulvé Light® Hemispherical 180° head sprayer - PLH.180.24.LA.050.D7

Hemispherical finned sprinkler head in operation

180° finned screen sprinkler head in operation - Flow rate 60 l/mn at pressure of 5 bars at 200 mm from the wall and 2500 mm from the ground