• FOCUS's expertise in the field of commercial engineering, acquired over more than 20 years, enables us to offer a comprehensive service. Thanks to our knowledge of materials, tools and manufacturing processes, our business managers can guarantee you total serenity in all your subcontracting projects.

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  • Partner to fire product installers since its creation, the FOCUS INDUSTRIE company distributes its own manufactured products: sprays, CO2 diffusers … and is constantly offering innovative, high-performance products: for example the PROTOM® high-power water / foam micro-generator, or LE PULVE OR® very popular for its appearance and its durability at a very attractive price ("gold for the price of stainless steel"). We respond rapidly to all requests regarding our standard range but we are also happy to consider any specific requests.

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  • The online sale of mechanical QUIKCOUP® connectors for grooved piping systems is one of the latest activities developed by FOCUS INDUSTRIE. The company wanted to offer these products as they are the most practical and meet their quality criteria, especially since their knowledge of the industrial field, their expertise in commercialising their products (from marketing to logistics management) are real plus points for the company. Buying from FOCUS INDUSTRIE is a guarantee of 100% service with real peace of mind.

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